101 Referral Network

People Will Only Do Business With You Once They Know You Exist

Our business is making your business, everybody’s business.

101 Referral Network offers a suite of programs to help drive visibility and referrals for your business.  



Every business goes through this:

  • Your market or industry is highly competitive
  • Your product sells best after people get to know you
  • Advertising and promotion is complex, confusing and expensive
  • You know you could be successful if only more people knew about your business

Then it’s time to get connected with

the 101 Referral Network!

We Help You Grow Your Business!

  • Drive awareness through our 23 local, active facebook groups with over 22,000 members
  • Advertise with us to your audience on facebook and event participants
  • Get leads and referrals from local business owners
  • Join virtual and live networking events

We reach over 200,000 Arizona business owners and Facebook members each week.

101 Referral Network

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Promotional Opportunities

101 Referral Network can help you drive awareness to other business owners in your area.

Banner Ads

This is offered to be included in various groups that we run with members over 100. (as available) Available to reach the Phoenix and surrounding areas.

The banner runs for a week at a time and is seen by members in a specific group.


  • Regular $55
  • Member $45
  • VIP $40


The Spot Lighted Business Show

This is recorded and saved via zoom and then shared to 1000’s of Facebook group members during the week after the show by my team.


  • Regular $55
  • Member $45
  • VIP $40


The Sharing Program

Our team picks up a post or creates a post that gets shared by the team for a week at a time to various groups run by the 101 Referral Network. As a team we reach over 200,000 Facebook group members in over 60 groups, primarily in the Valley. Includes 1-2 posts for 5 days.


  • Regular $60 per week
  • Member $50 per week
  • VIP $45


Spot Lighted Ads

These ads are recorded for up to a minute via zoom and run for a week in the announcement section of some of the groups run by 101 Referral Network.

Package of 5 – Cost

  • Regular $50
  • Member $45
  • VIP $40


Our Events

For 9 years, 101 Referral Network has connected local business owners through live (and now virtual) events! Evening networking and a monthly luncheons provide the opportunity for business owners to get to know one another, develop relationships and exchange referrals.

We hold a network meeting every Tuesday night via zoom and the 3rd Thursday for lunch. Members introduce their business, learn about the businesses of  guest speakers, hear various tips from members in the group, share ideas and make new connections that lead to more business!

Vendor Opportunities

Our annual Expo and Holiday Shopping Extravaganza events allow members to showcase their businesses to a broader local audience.  These events are free and open to the public and include fun entertainment for the entire family.

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza



While the coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted our ability to meet in person, 101 Referral Network remains dedicated to helping local businesses connect. We have transition to meeting virtually via Zoom and emphasized our already-established weekend Spot Lighted Business Show.